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Free to Collect

All stamps below are free to collect if you wish!

My Stamp Archive

These are stampz I've made in the past, either for events, or just old stampz I've decided to retire. These are not free to collect from here, but some may still be able to be found in other areas of the PC, and if you find them there, you are allowed to collect them from there! I may also release fully retired stampz (ones you can't collect elsewhere) in packs on PUGS or the like in the future.

My Collection

These are stamps I have collected from around the Petz community. I will be listing those I have collected form the current year on this page, and those I've collected from past years are linked below (because otherwise the page gets really laggy with all the stamps). None of these are free to collect.

Stamp Count: 705

Collection Page Archive: 2022

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