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Made for You

Below is a collection of most of my past hexies I've made for the community. I am always open for trades if you're interested!
For trade inquiries, my email is captain-nyro [at] posteo [dot] net. You are also free to message me on WW, DG or RKC, or shoot me a DM on Discord if you happen to share a server with me (I'm in DG and Petz Life).

For customization: Many files are generally customizable in most ways, and I'm fairly flexible if any small changes or additions are wanted, just please be reasonable!
Anything marked with a * means to be wary when changing this! Some colours may show up strange (eg. a texture might not look so great with certain colours).

Loveheart Mutts

Hexed on the Fluffy Mutt base, for Valentine's 2023!
Status: Exclusive
Number Made: 4
Customizable: Base fur colours, eyes, nose, paw pads, tongue. Can vary the toes for more/less white, and add extra white patches / remove them.

Big Plush BMDs

Hexed on the Sunshine BMD V.2 file.
Status: Limited
Number Made: 2
Customizable: Everything, to a degree. Each one should look fairly unique from each other but with similar patterns (the tanpoint and spotting on the back).


Hexed on my PBK Border Collie OW.
Status: Available
Number Made: 5
Customizable: Eyes, base fur colours**
(**I will NOT change the "bunnygrey" to any colour from white, because it acts weird on my computer. But I can change the brown if desired).

Winter Night Wolfies

A hex I made for the WW 2022 Advent Calendar!
Status: Available
Number Made: 10
Customizable: Eyes, nose, paw pads, claws, tongue, fur colours*

Autumn Wolverine

A hex made for Celia's Limited Palette contest on Whiskerwick!
Status: Available
Number Made: 12
Customizable: Eyes, nose, paw pads, claws, tongue, fur colours / textures**
(**if you change colours please make sure they are two colours in any of Cargo's mottled Tortoiseshell textures, as those are what this hex uses!)

Starry Dalis

These were hexed for Dalmatian Week 2022 on Whiskerwick! I had the idea to make galaxy-themed Dalmatians with the spots acting like stars.
They use external textures that I made for the hex.
Status: Available
Number Made: 4
Customizable: Eyes, nose, paw pads, tongue


I made this to test using a static texture on a pet. And because I was bored. (Yes the Togepi egg ball from Cargo is in the background randomly lol)
Originally I sold Unpeak on PUGS, though he was later returned. I plan on revamping him and might end up keeping him.
Availability: Unavailable
Number Made: There is only one Unpeak in existence! wh

Made for Me

These are hexies that I made for myself! They are personal petz that are a part of my crew and I will not be accepting trades for these.


Hexed on Abno's Newfoundland V.1, Jonathan is based on Jonathan Joestar from JoJo Phantom Blood.
(....... do you get the name of my kennel yet lol)
Both pictured are the same pet. In v.1.1, I fixed the texturing and anchoring on the paintballs,
and switched the textures on his feet so they show up darker as intended.


Peter was hexed on the original version of my PBK Border Collie file.
He was hexed after the dog version of one of my characters, and has become more or less the mascot of PhantomBark.
All shown is the same pet. In V.1.1, I finally textured and anchored the paintballs.
In V.1.2, I fixed the eye markings so that they showed up as intended! I found his cheeks often came over
his head and made his markings swapped from what I was actually wanting. This bothered me a lot so I finally fixed it!
His hat was generously hexed by Lobb @ FoldeRol!


Hexed on Kizmet's fixed LNZ Golden Retriever file for P4. Speedwagon (from JoJo) is my favourite character... like, ever, so I had to make a hexie based on him.
The only changes he had was I later textured and anchored any paintballs, but otherwise his appearance didn't change much.
You can see in his picture in the bottom right, his scar is actually visible and the lines under his eyes show up better.
(I also anchored the paw pads by accident lol, I fixed that after).
Fun fact: Before I got into hexing, I adopted from the GK GoldenR file and named him Speedwagon.
When I made this hexie, for a while he was named "Speedwagon V2" but I later made him Speedwagon and changed the other to Speedy.


Splash was my very first hexie! He is somewhat based on one of my older characters, though he doesn't look exactly like him.
The only changes I made to his lnz later on was texturing and anchoring the paintballs.