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You may convert any toyz to other versions of Petz if they are not available, for personal use. Please do not reupload my toyz anywhere without permission, as long as my website is still accessible.
All chew and food toyz should have proper internal adjectives!

Krong Chew

Literally just the red "Krong Chew" from Furry Paws. Based on the Chewy Sneaker.


PBK Plush Toyz

An assortment of PBK Plushies, which are based on some of my childhood plushies! I tend to release new ones during events, so the collection is not finished yet as I will be adding more in the future.
(Hover over the images to see the names).
*Note - when I originally released Marbles, the internal adjectives were not changed. This version has fixed adjectives, so if you still have the original version from Easter 2022, I suggest downloading this one!

>> Marbles - DOWNLOAD P4 <<
>> Little Grey - DOWNLOAD P4 <<
>> Ondelez - DOWNLOAD P4 <<

Easter Basket

An Easter Basket originally made for the Easter Egg Hunt of 2022. It works like the regular wicker basket. (Puppy not included).


PBK Corn Chew

A chewy corn cob made as a prize for my PBK Corn Maze from the Duke's Group Fall Festival in 2022.


PBK Okidokis

A box of Oreos OKIDOKIS made as a prize for my PBK Corn Maze from the Duke's Group Fall Festival in 2022. Can be used for tricks!


Cotton Candy Hairball (OW)

Hate the moist, delicious sounds of the OG hairball? Tired of getting them stuck in the Adoption Center?
This is an edible OW of the hairball, which changes internal adjectives and makes squeaky noises instead!
*This will OVERWRITE the existing Hair Ball.toy, so make sure to save a backup of it in case you don't want to lose it!
**Note: I am not the original maker of the file. I found it somewhere else on an old site (I cannot remember now sorry ;; ), but changed the noises and adjectives and modified the animations slightly.