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You may use my breedfiles as hexing bases, or create edits to or different versions of them. You may repost edited versions of my breedfiles (or the originals) to your website, as long as you still give credit to me for the original file, and link back here, and state whether it is the original, or a modified version.

Please do not use my breedfiles for or to create inappropriate or offensive content.

PBK Border Collie V.1.1

An updated version of the original PBK Border Collie. This version keeps the same body shape, but uses some different textures and is a generally cleaned up version of the original.
White areas are a little less "random", and will stay white in purebreds, but can mutate in mixies.
Textures are internal in the non-OW, but external in the OW (for obvious reasons). Textures credit to PDH.


Deprecated Files

These are old breedfiles I made when I first was learning about hexing and therefore I now consider them deprecated. I wouldn't recommend using them out of the box, but feel free to use them as hexing bases. I may update some of these later (if I haven't already).
NOTE: Make sure to remove any underscores (replace with a space) when using these, otherwise they will not show up in your game. (Eg. "PBK_Border_Collie" should be "PBK Border Collie"). OW versions need to be renamed to match the name of the file they are overwriting to work.