NOTICE: PhantomBark Kennels is currently on update hiatus

I plan on doing a rehaul of my site in the near future, probably in the next month or so. For now, I won't be updating it much and some features may be missing or broken.

Welcome to PhantomBark Kennels!

PhantomBark Kennels was established in March 2022! Here you can find:

  • About: Learn about PhantomBark!
  • Crew: Take a look at all the petz I have in my crew!
  • Adopt: I may occasionally hold litters for adoption, or MPA!
  • Downloads: Not a lot right now, but there are some files here to download for your game such as breedz and toyz!
  • Guides: I may sometimes right guides for anything Petz-related if I do not see them already written elsewhere.
  • Collection: Here you can find my hex archive, stamps (both to collect and my own collection), trading cards (there are new cards to collect every three months), and my collection of graphics from around the community.

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